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The Capitalist Trio

The Capitalist Trio

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Take your love for capitalism to the next level with this phone case featuring the infamous capitalist trio - Jordan Belfort, Gus Fring, and Patrick Bateman - all standing tall with the bold message "tax the poor". This design is a playful take on the twisted mindsets of these characters and the unapologetic nature of the capitalist world they live in. The phone case not only adds a touch of humor to your everyday life, but it also shows your support for the wealthy elite and their belief that the poor should bear the burden of society's economic problems. Show off your love for capitalism and the ruthless mindset it requires with this one-of-a-kind phone case.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Phone Case

I got a free upgrade to a "tough" version and its pretty solid. Print is good as well. Wouldnt recommend wearing to school though lol

Michael Davis
Tax Laughs

Taxing the poor? Now thats savage af. Love it tho.

David Jones
Fraud Icon

Jordan Belfort and tax fraud, iconic duo on this phone cover.

Lily Miller
LOL Bateman

I swear Patrick Bateman would probably buy this case, psychotic humour at its finest

James Brown
Case Love

ain't even white collar and Gus Fring is on this. I love it